Exmouth Exclusive Use Dog Fields offers 9 acres of  fenced meadow for hire to dog owners. Exclusive use gives you complete peace of mind while exercising your dog, without the worry of coming into contact with unknown dogs, livestock and other distractions.

When you book the meadow you have exclusive use for that time. We currently only allow up to 4 dogs from the same family/household. If you wish to meet friends and walk together please call to discuss options.

The meadow located at Lower Halsdon Farm is set overlooking the beautiful Exe Estuary with views across to Starcross and Cockwood.

Walkways are cut through the wild flowers and grasses in the meadow. The meadow is fenced and all gates are locked so you can let your dog/s off lead with confidence and relax, knowing your dog/s will not come across other dogs or people. This creates a great environment to practice recall etc.

The hard standing car parking immediately in front of the meadow gate offers maximum security and convenience. Access to the field is via the small gate which is hooked open when the field is free and closed when the field is occupied.

There are benches for everyone’s use. Sit and enjoy watching your dog/s play or picnic with a view.

There is a shower/hose for the days when you want to wash your pet before getting back into the car. Towels can be provided if required.

We ask that everyone takes responsibility for their own dogs waste and use the bin provided. Please respect this and help maintain a clean and pleasant environment that everyone can continue to enjoy and benefit from.

Fresh drinking water is always available in the meadow.

We hope that everyone enjoys this facility.

Please respect other users and their time by arriving and leaving within your time slot so to avoid any overlap.

Thank you.

Booking Process

The booking process is quick and easy to do.

Select an available date and time slot and follow the instructions.

Check that your booking is correct before selecting Pay now. Bookings can not be changed or refunded after payment is made.


£8 per hour per household for 1 dog (up to 4 dogs from same household for £10)

£5 per half hour per household for 1 dog (up to 4 dogs from same household for £6)

Dog walkers or groups from separate households call to discuss options



By booking a time slot at Exmouth Dog Field you are agreeing to the following:-

  • While at Exmouth Dog Field, you must agree that you do so at you and your dog/s own risk. Your dog/s behaviour is solely your responsibility.
  • At Exmouth Dog Field, You are completely responsible for you and your dogs safety and welfare. We only accept responsible dog owners on our premises. They must keep within the law of responsible dog ownership. At Exmouth Dog Field we will not accept any liability for loss, injury or death.
  • All transport vehicles parked at Exmouth Dog Field are left at the owners own risk. We accept no responsibility for any accidents or damage caused while parked at Exmouth Dog Field.
  • We as the landowner will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused to property, individuals or animals when using our exercise fields or buildings.
  • On arrival & departure to Exmouth Dog Field. It is your responsibility to be on time entering and leaving the area. Please allow enough time to unload and load your dog/s back into your vehicle. Your slot includes arriving, unloading your dog/s, time in the field, exiting the area, loading your dog/s back into your vehicle and then departing within your booked time slot.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that our facilities are suitable for you and your dog/s specific requirements. Please make careful consideration of our fence heights, the exercise area, access to Exmouth Dog Field.
  • Any equipment used at Exmouth Dog Field is done so at you and your dogs own risk. We accept no liability for any damage, injury or death.
  • All children must stay with you and must be fully supervised at all times.